1. Out of personal experience, weed reduced my urge to try harder drugs, so it is in no way a gateway drug. Also, weed is a drug you literally can't overdose on. My friend smokes 7 joints in 1 sitting, and he just gets stoned. Plus, hey, drunk driving is a thing too, and alcohol is legal. Drunk driving needs to end, but weed should still be legalized. Plus, how can you not think straight when you're on weed? I have incredibly intellectual conversations with my friends while we're high.

  2. You clearly have a lack in education but apart from that all smoking should be made illegal! When one drinks alcohol who is it affecting apart from myself? No one xD people don't want second hand smoke it's disgusting I don't want you putting any of that cancer in MY body what about people with medical conditions concerning lungs I understand that some strands can be used to help them. Furthermore the people who are trying to legalise weed are stupid if you just said lets make it legal to smoke weed inside your own house you would have a stronger argument!

  3. I liked this video but I came to the comments just to inform you that alcohol doesn't kill your brain cells either. That myth was made p in the 20's during prohibition to get people to stop drinking.

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