❁Place BAKING SODA IN YOUR VAGINA and Watch what Happens!!

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  1. Wtf is this mad. Don't do It! It's enough to wash your vagina with water. It doesn't need anything else as it is self cleaning organ. Backing soda is just as harming as well … Water is all🙌💦

  2. Please send this to the entire world. Although a little stank can be desirable, a little too much can kill the olfactory sensors leading to a desire to not deal with anything that smells like fish and piss.

  3. If the solution is strong you gonna give your vagina a peel……also some are with some nasty men who have been with somebody women …..uggghhh thank goodness this is info for them!!!!

  4. add 2 eggs, a cup of flour, 1 tsp sugar and vanilla, and then go to sleep. In the morning carefully pull out a small cake. Enjoy! You're welcome!

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